Paver Patio Installation

Conrades Landscape Design can bring the inside out for you by creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area. A beautifully designed patio will create the atmosphere you are seeking. Though we can do concrete patios, we do recommend paver patios.

Paver Patio Advantages

There are many advantages to paver patios as opposed to concrete.

  • Pavers can easily be replaced if damaged. Concrete cannot be patched without leaving evidence of the repair.
  • Paver patios can support four times more weight than a concrete patio.
  • A properly installed paver patio will outlast a concrete patio.
  • Pavers add beauty and real estate value to your landscape.
  • Properly installed pavers are more cost-effective than properly installed concrete.

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Custom Paver Patio

We install paver patios in South Elgin, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles and in many other locations. Check out our service area.


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