Custom Water Features

At Conrades Landscape Design, we will only recommend water features that will help improve your landscape’s aesthetic appeal. We will make sure that they will be installed in strategic locations around the landscape and complement with the existing features and amenities. We will also consider the available space, the landscape theme, and your budget when working on the water feature designs.

Some of the features that we can design and install include:

  • Waterfalls. The beauty of waterfalls depends on the creativity of the installers. We have crews who can create the perfect waterfalls for your landscape. Whether it is a standalone feature or combined with other water features, rest assured that you’ll get unique and gorgeous waterfalls.
  • Ponds. If you are looking for experts on pond design and installation, we are the right company to hire. We can design and create different types of ponds, depending on your needs and preferences. The great thing about our creations is that they are sustainable, low-maintenance, and carefully built to let you enjoy their benefits for years to come.
  • Fountains. Fountains are simple additions to a landscape but can become focal points when designed and installed by professionals like us. We can create a tiered fountain as an accent in your garden or install one on your pool or pond to make these features more attractive.
  • Artificial streams. We recommend streams if our client wants to have a nature-like outdoor area. An artificial stream is best added to waterfalls and ponds.

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Custom Water Features


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